Erich Slothower

Erich Slothower is the co-founder of Deap Design. After graduating from ASU, he found his first job near the houseboats in Sausalito and has followed his passion for designing better products and the processes that make them possible, from California to the Midwest, and back. With companies like Kallista, Kohler and Williams-Sonoma, Erich has enjoyed driving large projects strategically and with strong mechanical aptitude and a rebellious mind as his tools for creating products that stay true to the initial design intent. In his free time – Erich likes to mountain bike and make specialty home brews.

Anna-Pia Slothower

Anna-Pia Slothower is the co-founder of Deap Design. With every project, large or small, she persistently seeks a way to bring the magic blend of beauty and great user experience. Growing up on the west coast of Sweden, Anna-Pia got an early taste for great design from the Scandinavian style surrounding her and from her family who valued the quality of Italian design and the practical beauty of Scandinavian craft. With a degree from ESDI, she spent the first part of her career in Paris, then via Kohler Wisconsin on to California and Sausalito. Her work spans from large collections of faucets and fixtures to housewares, consumer products and innovative furniture pieces.

John Plunkett

John Plunkett made a leap out to the west coast to join Deap Design in early 2015, after working in packaging design in the Midwest. He grew up on the east cost and graduated with a dual degree in Industrial Design and Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame. In his free time, John can be found fencing and exploring San Francisco.

Zhu Li

Zhu Li, originally from Beijing, joined Deap Design in 2015 after receiving her Master’s Degree in Industrial Design at Arizona State University. Zhu Li brings a keen sense for details and while at Deap she becomes an avid 3D sculptor. Other than industrial design Zhu Li is currently embarking in the field of UIUX design and is responsible for the newly launched Deap Design website.

Dörte Ahlgrimm

Born in Berlin and living in San Francisco since 2014, Dörte Ahlgrimm joined Deap Design in the spring of 2016. After graduating with a diploma from Weissensee School of Art and Design, Dörte started her career working with a model maker in Berlin, operating all shop and CNC machines. With a problem solving and curious mind, Dörte brings a wide range of experiences from her work with Bay Area design groups and from her own entrepreneurial adventures, where she created porcelain wall accessories and interior objects.

Sam Stowe

Our So Cal intern for the summer of 2016 – Sam Stowe is currently pursuing his Master in Industrial Design at CCA, San Francisco.